Who are we?

My Rights, My Say is a partnership between Enquire, Partners in Advocacy, Children in Scotland and Cairn Legal.

When contacting the service through the My Rights, My Say referral form your request for:

  • advice and information will be responded to by Enquire.
  • advocacy support will be responded to by Partners in Advocacy.
  • support from the Children’s Views Service will be responded to by Children in Scotland.
  • legal representation will be dealt with by Cairnlegal.

Our data protection promise

My Rights, My Say will never use your information for any reason other than responding to your questions or to make a referal to another part of the service, unless you give us consent to do so.

Our data protection procedures

Responding to referrals or enquiries via our webform

The information you provide through the referral or contact form on our website is forwarded immediately to our email inbox. This information is also retained on the website for no longer than seven days before it is automatically deleted.

We use the information you provide through the referral or contact form to refer you to the most relevant part of the service or to help us answer your enquiry. We keep your referral or enquiry information in our email inbox until we have responded to it (usually no longer than five working days).

Once we have responded to your referral or enquiry, we keep your email and our response for up to ten working days, just in case you do not receive our initial response and we need to send it again.

After a maximum of ten working days, we delete your email and our response.

We record details of your referral or enquiry on a database as this helps us report to our funders and provide information to other people about the issues raised by people contacting the service. We we do not record any information about you or the child you are contacting us about, so neither you nor the child can be identified from the record.

If you contact the Enquire helpline for advice and information their data protection policy applies. You can find information about their data protection policy here.