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The organisations behind My Rights, My Say

My Rights, My Say supports children in Scotland aged 12-15 with additional support needs to exercise their rights to be involved in decisions about their support in school. It’s independent, confidential, easy to use, and supports children to speak up about what they need to learn.

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My Rights, My Say is a partnership between Enquire, Partners in Advocacy, Children in Scotland and Cairn Legal. Each partner offers different services:

The people behind My Rights, My Say

The people behind My Rights, My Say

Hi, I’m Pauline and I’m responsible for advocacy in My rights, My Say.

I first learned about advocacy when I wrote an essay on the subject for my diploma in health and social welfare. I loved the idea of supporting people to speak up for themselves, have their views respected and to ensure that their rights were upheld. As soon as I saw a job advertised in advocacy, I applied straight away. That was 14 years ago and I have never looked back!

I’m so privileged to do the job that I do and be able to help the children and young people using our service.

I’m a big dog lover and enjoy walking my dog Luna In my spare time. Favourite hobbies are reading, listening to live music and going to the theatre.

Hi, my name is Billy and my job is to help young people aged 12-15 to get their views heard in decisions that will affect their experience of school.

Sometimes it might feel that you are just getting swept along with conversations about you, meetings about you and decisions being made about you…where you feel that you just have to “go with the flow”. However, you have rights to have your voice and views heard, and I am here as part of the Children’s Views service to make sure that you are heard.

The Children’s Views service offers you a chance to talk to someone, one to one, away from the flow and really help you to get your views put down on paper and get them heard by people who make decisions.

I have worked in Children and young adults’ services for almost 20 years and I learn every day about each person’s unique needs and how communicating these needs sometimes takes space and time to get them heard by the right people.

As part of my job I can also help adults to develop their skills in listening and gathering children’s views in a way that helps the young people that they are involved with.

When I’m not working, watch movies, I am a gamer and I love art, photography and digital photo editing. I am a big believer in listening and learning from people as they are the experts in their own experience.

Hi I’m Cat and I’m responsible for raising awareness of children’s rights and the help My Rights, My Say offers.

I’ve been working to raise awareness of children’s right for 14 years. I’m passionate about helping pupils, schools and families work together to make sure children get the help they need. I love my job because I enjoy getting out and about to talk to people, listening to their stories and sharing what has made a positive difference to children’s experience of school.

Out of work I spend a lot of time wishing I had a dog, catching up with friends and family, running, baking and, when I get the chance, sitting reading a book with a cup of tea.

My name is Sarah-Jane and I co-ordinate all the advocacy support for My Rights, My Say.

I first started in Independent Advocacy as I wanted to help young people’s voices to be heard. I work as a children’s counsellor in another job which means I hear how young people feel about things going on in their life, and I realised that young people themselves know what would help them best, which is why I wanted to become an advocate.

I really enjoy helping young people and advocating for them to get the right support, it a fantastic job!

When I’m not at work I spend time with my family, friends and my 4 dogs so that keeps me really busy! I am a big kid at heart and love all things Disney and marvel. I also love going to the pictures and to comedy shows.

Hi, I’m Iain and I provide legal representation for My Rights, My Say.

I’m an independent education law consultant and I specialize in additional support needs law. I’m the principal author of the “A-Z of Scots Education Law – A guide for parents” (Consumer Focus Scotland). I’m the Convener of the School Closure Review Panels and a Consultant Solicitor with Cairn Legal. I have a strong reputation on equality law matters, particularly cases involving disabled children.

Out of work I’m a bit of a “gamer” particularly board games, card games and social deduction games. I’m a big fan of rugby (watching other people playing not playing myself!) and I do a spot of singing too. I run a youth club and I help out at a Boys Brigade group.

Hi, I’m Lucy and I help raise awareness about children and young people’s rights to additional support for learning.

I do this by working directly with children, young people and the adults that support them – both in schools and the community.

It has always been really important to me that children are listened to and involved in their education. Before I came to My Rights, My Say I was a teacher. This means I know first-hand about the challenges that children and young people face and how being included in decisions about their support can make such a difference.

When I’m not thinking about children’s rights, I seem to spend most of my time renovating my house with my family – I love DIY, gardening and baking and you will always find me at my happiest when I’m eating some delicious food with friends!

Hi, I’m Catherine and I look after all My Rights, My Say communications work.

I’ve worked in journalism and public relations for over 25 years, working with organisations including the National Portrait Gallery in London and Edinburgh College of Art. I’m passionate about creating and sharing platforms for young people to have their voices heard and learn more about their rights.

As well as representing My Rights, My Say, I work for Children in Scotland as their Senior Communications Officer.

When I’m not at work, I’m busy having fun with my son and our dog, George, a hyperactive cocker spaniel. George is great for getting us out of the house and into some of the incredible parks and wild places in and around Edinburgh.

Hello, we’re the Enquire helpline team.

We provide advice and information to help parents, carers and practitioners understand additional support for learning. We hope our advice and information helps families and schools work together so children get the support they need in school. As partners in My Rights, My Say we provide advice and information about the rights of children with additional support needs aged 12 – 15 and the help and support My Rights, My Say offers. We are all incredibly proud of the work we do particularly when we receive positive feedback about our advice making a difference to a child’s experience of school.

We all come from various backgrounds including teaching, autism advice and support, policy work and mentoring which we feel is what makes us such a strong team.